10 New Travel Words for a Post-Lockdown Planet

The pandemic is behind us! Time to take a deep breath and dive back into all those travel plans that you were forced to put on hold. There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered and with borders re-opening and wanderlust starting to take hold again, you can safely dust off your passport and set your sights on that dream destination Coronavirus got in the way of. With a new world comes a new language – here are 10 new words to add to your travel dictionary…

1. Gramping

Take a well-deserved break from the kids after all that home-schooling. Gramping gives the grandparents a chance to bond with them on a memory-making vacation. The long school holidays are perfect for this and it beats having to stay at home while mom and dad are working.

2. Schoolcation

A schoolcation mixes the great outdoors with remote learning. Kids get to combine the screen time needed for projects and lessons with an adventure in an exciting destination. All you really need is a laptop, good WiFi, and the flexibility to mix fun with focus.

3. Solomoon

A solomoon is just a honeymoon without your honey. After being cooped up together during the pandemic, take some healthy time out from your loved one and spoil yourself with an all-the-frills-included getaway where you can get to know yourself all over again. Safaris in Africa are just the ticket.

4. Friendcation

After being forced to socialize via video calls, it’s time to gather your besties, get out there and explore a far-flung destination together! Get your vaccinations, choose a spot and get going. If you haven’t had your jabs, you can always book private stays, transfers, and activities.

5. Quarantine 15

By now we’ve all heard about ‘fattening the curve’ – picking up those extra pounds thanks to being kept away from the gym during the lockdown. Before you rush back to your ideal weight, why not indulge a little further? Take a trip to a foodie destination and spoil yourself with an extra glass of vino – nobody’s looking!

6. Revenge Travel

The pandemic put paid to your travel plans – now it’s time to strike back! Revenge travel means going all out, sparing no expense, and spoiling yourself with a long-awaited trip to wherever your wanderlust takes you. There’s no time like the present to make your travel dreams come true.

7. Vaccication

So you’ve got your vaccination, you’ve gone back for your booster jabs and you’re safe to cross borders again. A vaccication is just what the doctor ordered to treat your wanderlust! You might still need to wear a mask, sanitize on the regular, and practice social distancing, but don’t let that get in the way of taking your dream holiday – you’ve earned it!

8. Always OOO

Live the life of a digital nomad! With the pandemic proving to companies all over the world that employees can get the job done without being in the office, the way we work has been revolutionized. Take advantage of this fact and set your status to ‘Always OOO’ (out-of-office)!

9. Zoombombing

Endless video calls during the pandemic meant that home and work life inevitably mixed. Hands up if your child/pet/husband showed up in the background of a work call. Now that travel is heating up again and the possibility of a workcation is real, imagine being Zoombombed by an elephant from the deck of your safari lodge!

10. Quarantini

This one’s perfect for enjoying while you’re planning your holiday or sipping as a sundowner when you’re finally at your destination. Get hold of a Martini glass, Google the recipe, and shake it up – it’s guaranteed liquid inspiration!

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