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Everything You Need To Know About Curved Sliding Doors

Barn doors have become among the top sought-after elements in most homes and offices. Unfortunately, many home and business owners think barn doors are suitable only for rustic-style or traditional interiors. But, the reality is entirely different. Today, there are many modern barn door styles available, including barn doors made from metal, wood, or glass. You can even get a curved barn door track to install a sliding door in your rooms with a circular layout or rooms that have arched walls.

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Home With A Curved Sliding Door

Curved sliding doors are often misinterpreted as revolving doors, particularly a full circle-shaped sliding door. But, these doors feature sliding doors that slide along the curved drum wall instead of three to four-door leaves rotating around a central axis. You can get the doors installed either externally or internally. Generally, curved sliding doors are installed in the interiors. You can get a precise curved sliding door track system to establish a semi-circle-full circle- or a partially curved sliding door.

Benefits of installing curved sliding doors

Curved sliding doors are generally installed to extend the aesthetics of a room since they can provide the space unobstructed access to views inside and out. Furthermore, the curved doors add to the beauty of your house. Infact, curved sliding doors are the best option for limited space since they take significantly less space while opening.

  1. Clear Opening Area – Curved sliding door maximizes the clear opening area, i.e., the space people walk through without having the same impression that a rectangular set of sliding doors usually have. However, it makes your room look more spacious. Compared with swing door sets, it would take two large door leaves to create a clear opening that would take up a considerable amount of space. On the contrary, you will need to have two to three enormous wings revolving doors to maximize clear area with revolving doors. Again, it will not be convenient for a specific amount of people to walk in and out as a curved sliding door can accomplish.
  2. Innovative Interlock System – Sustainability leads us to be clever and opt for intelligent interlocking features. It is a well-balanced process to plan an entryway that meets foot traffic needs and lowers energy loss within the building. Revolving doors maintain an even temperature inside with a steady flow of people walking in and out through the entryway. At the same time, a curved sliding door limits the air loss through its intelligent interlocking system. The in-built sensors of the smart interlock system track the activities going on through the entrances. In busy hours, the doors will open simultaneously to ensure an efficient and smooth foot traffic floor. On the contrary, the swing doors will always remain open regardless of the traffic’s quiet or busy periods, resulting in high energy loss and high energy bills.
  3. Opens For All – Unlike having a revolving door, there is no need for access to pass door for differently-abled people. The clear opening and accessibility of curved sliding doors make it an ideal entrance system everyone can use. Revolving doors offer various benefits, but the need for a pass door implies a considerable amount of foot traffic for a procedure. It is hard to achieve this with the available space. Nevertheless, the curved sliding doors can provide you with all the features you need in one go.
  4. Looks – Curved sliding doors appear pretty similar to those revolving doors, but they are often more attractive than the standard set of linear sliding or swing doors. Looking at the benefits, you can clearly understand why curved sliding doors are increasingly becoming popular. You can effortlessly design a well-functional entrance system with various finishes ranging from PPC to anodized steel.

Whether your home or office, a setting that reflects your style brings you immense pleasure, however, if you are a fan of barn doors but wish to give your space a unique touch, a curved barn door track could be the ideal solution.

Different ways of using a curved sliding door track

A curved sliding door offers aesthetic appeal and is space-saving. Besides, with unique options, it is sure to impress the visitors. So check out your surrounding areas! You will see curved sliding doors in many contemporary offices and homes. The addition of unique sliding door hardware will only enhance the aesthetics of your living and working space. Here are different ways of using a curved slider door.

curved sliding door track

  1. Office – If you are looking to construct or redo your cramped or uninspiring office, think about having a curved sliding door track if you have rounded rooms or curved walls. The curved sliding door in your office will not only upscale the attractive appearance of your office but will also make the rooms look spacious. Moreover, it will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Barn doors are the best option for conference and meeting rooms, whereas glass curved sliding doors go well with the reception areas.
  2. Divider – Curved sliding door tracks are the most elegant solution to divide one room from the other. You can use them to
      • Divide your loft space and studio – People living in cities, and small spaces might find themselves overstating in an all-purpose area that includes a bedroom, living space, kitchen, over and above a dining space as well. With a plethora of options, it is now possible to create a well-functional room even in a small loft space or studio with the help of room dividers. Yes! An acoustic curtain is a good idea, but a sliding door is perfect for a small living environment. Install a curved barn door system amid your sleeping and living area. Open the slides during the daytime to get the neutral brightness and close the slides while sleeping to ensure complete security and privacy. 
      • Divide your living area and the kitchen – An open living and kitchen space is a good concept. But, you might realize that you must split these spaces at some point. For instance, your kitchen is surrounded by a large window, and you want to have an intimate, quiet room in your living area to relax and unwind. However, a curved barn door track amid your kitchen and living space could be the best solution. The curved door can offer you more open space for socializing. Besides, you can easily separate the rooms whenever you want peace and privacy.
  3. A newfangled closet – Closet doors are often overlooked. Hinged doors are the norm on most cabinets. Moreover, some rooms have outdated folding or sliding closet door designs. A real eyesore! A curved sliding barn door track can quickly transform your dull closet into an attractive element in any room. Think of a bedroom with a beautifully designed closet door and an office with a curved barn door offering a stunning virtual background. Show your creativity and explore various ways to alter the look of your closet using a curved sliding door track.
  4. Private spaces – We all need a room in our house that has a bit of extra privacy, even in a locked area. To have one, you can think about having a separate space in your bathroom or bedroom. You can also have a workplace, hobby room, reading room, TV room, and various other options. A curtain or a screen wall is a quick fix, but an indoor curved sliding door track will make your space look more appealing and spacious. With this option, you can slide the door if you need that extra privacy and leave the sides open to get the natural light.
  5. The main external door – Curved sliding door tracks can make the entry and exit of your house more attractive and functional. Think of having a curved sliding door connecting your living area with the outdoor seating. It will offer your home a great attraction and enhance the property value. Many people don’t care much about the style. Instead, they feel the traditional hinged doors are the best and cheapest options for entry and exit areas. It is crucial to understand that the sliding doors are available with heavy-duty door hardware designed to resist elements and add timeless beauty to a home.

Design an eye-catching space with a curved sliding door track

Having a curved sliding door in your home or office is easy with a wide variety of options available in the market. Choose one that matches your style, whether it looks traditional, rustic, or ultra-modern. Many curved sliding door options can add a unique aesthetic appeal to any space in your property. You can have the curved door just about anywhere.

Curved sliding doors complement the modern-styled offices, but they are equally suitable for various spaces in a house as well. Like, if you live in a small house, curved doors are a great option to separate your sleeping area and dining or living area. Whether you plan to create a new or redo your home or office, a curved sliding door track will bring a new level of charm to your property.

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