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    Selecting Reliable 3-Phase Transformer Manufacturers in Canada

    The main role of a 3-phase transformer is to step down the voltage and increase the current. This type of transformer can also increase or decrease the power factor by changing voltage and current. You should know several things before purchasing a three-phase transformer for your home or business needs. A reliable manufacturer will provide a product that meets all safety standards and warranty…

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    What Type of Transformer is Best for Commercial Building?

    Transformers, alongside other power distribution equipment, stay a central part of electrical systems dissemination for businesses and commercial buildings. Whether a three-phase transformer or a power transformer, all transformers change voltage levels to supply electrical loads with the required voltages. They supply the expected electrical current to the building. Transformer primary and secondary voltages can be 2,400; 4,160; 7,200; 12,470;…

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