Why Should You Adopt a Basenji Dog?

Introducing a pet into your family is an exciting decision. But don’t take it lightly! Are you capable enough to provide a safe environment for the pet? Do you have the resources to care for an additional member? Do you have enough time to dedicate to that four-legged friend? There are many things to consider. Once you get the answer, the ultimate question will be, “where to get a basenji dog?” “Should I buy or adopt?

Reasons to Adopt a Basenji Dog.

Basenji pups are gentle, caring, and aloof. However, they can be viciously protective of the people they live with. They can easily get compatible with other dogs but, at times, can be quite aggressive. They are the smallest breeds of hounds. Their physique can range from 16 to 17 inches in height and 22 to 24 pounds in weight. If you are opting for a classified add or web search result about “buy Basenji pup Ontario, Canada” it is essential to have as much information about the dog as possible.

When attentive, their ears appear large with vertical and tight forehead wrinkles. People often believe that their large ears help fritter away heat. Their high head posture, short back, long legs, and firmly curled tail contribute to their four-sided shape. Their long legs, apropos the overall size, add to their alertness and quickness.

Basenjis don’t bark but are not even mute. Instead, the can yodel and growl. Their fleece is evenly smooth and short. The coat of all Basenjis can range from red, black, and tan to brindle, all with white spots. Usually, their feet are white, and their legs have blazes and collars.


Basenjis are often shy and reserved. Basenjis are friendly with their masters but not sociable with strangers. Originally, Basenjis were hunters. But now, people believe they go well with other dogs if they are socialized while young. Moreover, some could go quite argumentative with other Basenjis.

Generally, Basenjis are intelligent but hard to train. However, patience and creative handling can bring their best qualities out. As mentioned, they don’t bark, but their yodeling makes plenty of noise. Moreover, they can be diggers and chewers if left alone.

Basenji dog breeders Ontario and owners often call them catlike as they are quiet and do much licking to groom. Moreover, they also like to get up high, possibly to view their kingdoms.

Basenjis’ living

Basenjis are among the most active dogs. They need and relish running and playing daily. They are no longer hunting dogs but make great family dogs and can breathe up to thirteen years.

Basenjis are often utterly protective of the people they live with. Therefore, quite early socialization can help them be ideal companions to other people.

Moreover, Basenjis are easy to clean and groom. You only need to swipe them with a clean dog towel or brush once or twice a week. In addition, they often spend a lot of their time grooming their coats and licking them carefully, just like cats.

Where to get a basenji dog?

If you are planning to buy a basenji pup, remember that you should consider the pup a member of your family. However, adoption sounds sensible when inviting a pet into your home. Adoption refers to saving a four-legged being out of thousands and millions who get into animal shelters yearly. However, adoption means not buying a pup from any pet store or breeder.

Adopting a basenji pup is an important decision. Pet dogs can profoundly impact our lives in many ways. However, adopting one can change our life. Not convinced yet? Here are the five most important reasons to adopt a dog from an animal rescue program or shelter.

Adoption is good because-

    1. It is less expensive.

      The adoption costs include spaying, the first vaccination, and sometimes microchipping. However, you save some money on the initial costs. In addition, you may also save on housekeeping and training expenses.

    2. You save a life.

      Thousands of pets are drugged every year. Too many pets get into the shelters, and very few people are interested in adopting them. However, if more people adopt pets, there will be fewer dogs that need to be drugged. Adopting a basenji pup saves a life, providing it with a safer shelter.

    3. It offers you a wonderful soul.

      Many healthy little hounds in animal and rescue shelters need someone to adopt them. Pets are often brought to shelters by their owners for genuine reasons like moving. Their family does not abandon them for doing something wrong. However, most pets in shelters are house-trained. Also, they might have lived with families for a pretty long time.

    4. You are not paying a buck to the puppy mills.

      If you buy a basenji pup online, from a pet shop, or any flea market, you might be getting it from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities designed to earn profits and not for the welfare of dogs. Puppy mill operators store dogs in extremely poor conditions with inadequate medical care. However, they are likely to be unhealthy or have behavioral problems. Many mother dogs in such facilities are caged for years just to be bred over and over. They are not provided with any human companionship. Often, they rarely get any chance to invite themselves into a family. Breeders either kill these dogs, sell them at auction, or abandon them once they are found unprofitable. People who operate puppy mills deceive people to make them successful. People are reaching some unsuspecting shoppers when they shop for pets online, through any pet shop, or classified ads. These facilities will not cease to exist until people stop supporting them. However, by adopting a basenji dog from a rescue or shelter home, you are making sure that you are not giving them money.

    5. Will change someone’s world.

      A little four-legged soul will find a good friend and a safe family in this big world.

Stay careful

Ultimately, do your research before deciding whether to adopt or buy. You should research “basenji dog breeders near me” as much as possible. No matter what type of pet you want, it is important to find out where it came from.

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