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Which is the most durable hardwood flooring for your house

Hardwood flooring looks great in any space. Engineered wood flooring can give you a unique slate to design any décor style, regardless of your preference. Hardwood floors are easy to install and add warmth and richness to interiors. There are myriad options of flooring available, which you can find just by searching for hardwood flooring near me. However, you must learn the differences between each type to determine which is best suited for your interiors.

Select the most durable hardwood flooring

Hardwood has been among the most popular choices for homes in Canada. Apart from being highly durable, hardwood floors also appear to be beautiful. Besides, many hardwood flooring types with specific features display a unique behavior.

The most common qualities you may likely see in hardwood flooring could be beauty, durability, strength, and color. When remodeling your home, you will want hardwood floor options that are durable, beautiful, and strong enough to bear the load.

Flooring installation is a huge, big-ticket investment. As a result, durability and strength should outweigh aesthetics and colors. However, you will want to choose among the best hardwood flooring Forest Hill options that will withstand the test of time.

Here we will review the best hardwood floor option that can resist the test of time.

Types of hardwood flooring

Without understanding the Janka test, it is not easy to learn about the different types of durable hardwood. You can use the Janka scale to distinguish a strong hardwood flooring from one that is more durable. The Janka scale measures the hardwood’s toughness. Moreover, the professional hardwood flooring company Forest Hill often refers Janka scale as a wood floors’ hardness testing.

Consequently, the hardwood takes effort before causing dents, scratches, or other damages. If you see durable hardwood flooring, it will like have passed the highest Janka test value.

Oak Hardwood

Most people in Canada seek out oak hardwood for their flooring material. Apart from being durable, oak hardwood has other unique features that make it the most sought-after flooring material. There are two main types of Oak hardwood: red oak and white oak. Both probably belong to the same oak family but possess a distinct Janka test rating where white oak tends to be more durable than red oak.

Oak hardwood is more affordable in terms of hardwood floors. Besides, its grain-like design keeps it looking more beautiful and durable.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood consists of multiple layers of plywood or fiberboards underneath. It has intentional designs that allow property owners to choose the hardwood type they want to see on the top. When it comes to the Janka rating, it is highly based on the quality of the solid wood at the top layer. For example, if the top layer of hardwood is hickory, you will likely get the most durable engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood is an extremely stable form of hardwood apart from durability. When it comes to pricing, it does not cost too much. Moreover, the price varies based on the hardwood used at the top. In addition, the plywood and fiberwood below the top layer add a little to the cost. Over and above, engineered oak hardwood is the most affordable flooring option.

Teak Hardwood

The popularity of teak hardwood is probably not for its hardness. The main feature of this material is its ability to resist water. In addition, it is incredibly strong and sturdy. With a 2330 Janka rating, teak wood is among the strongest wood flooring material.

Moreover, teak is an excellent choice if you want to floor your bathroom, kitchen, or any other wet area in your house. Since it is water-resistant, it will not fade with water. Additionally, teak is the most attractive option for hardwood. The gorgeous golden brown shade of teak floors makes it stand out.

Teak wood also features shiny characteristics. It suffers from different oils and resins during the manufacturing process. Both elements enhance its shine. Nevertheless, the glossy appearance adds spice to the color of the already stunning-looking teak wood floors.

Brazilian Teak Hardwood

The Brazilian teak hardwood looks similar to teak hardwood, but eventually, both are different. While people seek out teak wood for its water-resistance, Brazilian teak is popular for its robust strength. The Brazilian teak’s Janka rating of 3540 is the highest possible rating for any hardwood.

Brazilian teak hardwood is the most durable flooring option. You might think it to be rare due to its strength. Like, if you see any scratch on the floor, it is likely to be a big scratch. Notwithstanding, there is still a decent supply of Brazilian teak hardwood floors.

Ipe Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking for the most robust hardwood material, Ipe hardwood, pronounced “ee-pay,” may be the right option. It is long-lasting, and you can have it on any flooring. The 3680 Janka rating makes it the most durable flooring option.

However, this Brazilian walnut Ipe is a great hardwood flooring choice, but it is not very common. Apart from being strong and enduring, Ipe hardwood comes with rich color hues. The unique design gives it a beautiful grain-like profile. Moreover, with Ipe hardwood flooring, you are not only getting strong wood flooring, but you will also get a beautiful space.

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Finding durable hardwood flooring can be difficult if you do not know what to look at. However, getting the right flooring option should not be challenging with the help of information treated here. Primarily, determine what flooring you want and then create a budget. Now choose the flooring option that fits your preference and pocket.

Whether you are looking for hardwood flooring refinishing or installing new flooring, all you need is to call an expert such as, McGavin hardwood flooring company Forest Hill in Canada, which offers top-notch and durable flooring options.

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