When Is It Time To Redesign My Website?

We update our gadgets and other technology every five to ten years because technology is always improving. Websites are also subject to this rule. Web Design Company Oakville recommends that you should redesign your website every two to three years. It could be time-consuming, expensive, and unneeded. Notwithstanding, it is important to stay up to date with the latest website design technology, trends, and developments to make sure your business is ahead of the competition.

Signs Determining It’s Time To Redesign Your Website

Websites can quickly become outdated in design, content, functionality, and user experience. It is always fun to start with something new. However, redesigning a new website takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Before you leap into a new website design project, determine the best time.

This piece of content will help define if it’s the time to redesign your website and what makes website redesign in the best interest of your business. After all, websites work 24 hours a day, which is impossible for any individual to do.

Call the best website design company in Oakville when-

1. Sharing your URL becomes difficult.

Your website is your online identity that platforms your business online. It is the face of your company. However, it indicates a website redesign if you don’t feel proud of it and cannot share the URL.

2. You need to update your website’s aesthetics.

Website layouts play a crucial role. Your website layout must look modern and fresh, just like the seamless functionality of your business. Poor design can likely hurt your website’s search engine.

3. Your website is more than five years old.

website redesign

There is no set time limit for a website. Many changes have eventuated in technology, practices, and how Google ranks websites over the past few years. However, if your website is older than five years, you may benefit from some overhauling.

4. Your website is not responsive.

Mobile devices account for more than 60% of all website traffic. Moreover, Google now places more emphasis on mobile websites than desktop sites when drawing its ranking. Notwithstanding, it makes sense to create a responsive web design from scratch if your website does not have a responsive layout or you have an individual mobile website. Your business will benefit from the mobile-first approach to your responsive website. But make sure you don’t retrofit it with mobile-friendly components.

5. Your website doesn’t generate the traffic, leads, and conversions expected.

A website can take a little longer to communicate. If your website is getting the desired results, it doesn’t make sense to mess with a good thing. But if you see a significant drop in traffic or leads, it could be that your visitors are not finding what they need. Nevertheless, you need to redesign or update your website professionally to get the traffic back and increase leads.

6. Other players in the industry have the most updated website.

Do what’s right for you and your company. Never blindly follow the lead of others. But it is important to monitor other websites. Your competitors may have a more attractive website. But, as mentioned before, it is not worth messing with what is good. Nevertheless, if your website is functioning well, don’t bother. If not, it might lag behind other players. However, opt for improvements and propel your company to the top of the game.

7. If your website doesn’t offer an excellent user experience, it can fail to be a success.

Users are the most crucial touch to make your website a success. They will walk away if your website is confusing and lacks valuable content. Indeed, some minor tweaks can improve the user experience on your existing website, but a new responsive website design with user experience in mind is the best solution.

8. It is difficult to make small changes.

Minor changes and updates should not be difficult for your people, like adding a blog post, updating an event, or changing the product description. If you require a third party to make changes to your website or it is built on a difficult-to-use platform, the best option is to create a new website with a content management system.

If the above-treated signs don’t accurately describe your website,

  • Refurbish your search engine optimization
  • Generate more and more traffic.
  • Replace photos.
  • Enhance your content.
  • Elevate to HTTPS.

Redesigning a website is not an easy task. There are many steps you must follow before planning the website redesign process. It’s time to talk to someone who can help you redesign your website if you experience any of these problems.

Evaluate the most significant plan point of your website.

  • Is there anything missing?
  • Is there anything you need to improve? What?
  • What adverse effects are the issues?

While you don’t need to get an answer to these questions, taking some time to assess your online presence can get you one step closer to achieving your business goals. If you are still unsure about redesigning your website, google the best “Web Design and Development Company near me” and contact the right help.

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Why would you hire a professional web design and development company?

Even if you have a team of web designers on your staff, it is worth hiring a consultant to redesign your website. There are five things that a professional designer can bring to your table.

1. External viewpoint

Professional web designers can help you see things from the customers’ point of view. They would not be familiar with your company’s terminology and jargon. They will significantly help you write more helpful content for your customers. A renowned company can quickly familiarize your company’s essence and create the most creative concepts suitable to your company and your customers.

2. Full span of knowledge

Web design companies would have worked with various companies across a wide range of industries. However, they can develop the most innovative ideas for your website redesign project. They will focus on your company and bring new, creative ideas to any project. A good designer will not only have great ideas for redesigning your site but can also provide you with the best product and marketing ideas. Seasoned web design consultants will be the driving force in their field. They could have the best techniques to help you succeed online.

3. Overwhelm organizational politics

Your website redesign project can slow down by internal conflicts within your organization. There are often varied ideas as diverse as people. Nevertheless, a web design and development company can move your redesign project forward by answering all your questions. For example, an experienced company can tell you how your online customers will use your site and answer questions that you have internally.

4. Factual approach

Setting goals, measuring success, and evaluating those with web analytics tools are all essential for a successful website redesign. An expert designer will help you define and measure one of the best web metrics. It is crucial to ensure that your web designer has done extensive qualitative research. Moreover, the designer should understand how to design your site from a quantitative standpoint.

5. Passion and determination

Finally, yet importantly, hire a web design and development company with a passionate designer team to help you succeed. The expert designers will exceed your expectations and have the expertise to deal with any challenges.

Livewire Web Solutions works closely with clients to redesign their websites. The team of designers at Livewire has created innovative and user-friendly websites. They focus on designing customer-driven websites with state-of-the-art SEO technology that prominently enhances your business. We’ve got you covered if you plan to redesign your website.

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